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Meaningful Movement

Meaningful movement is more than just physical exercise.  Recognising the holistic aspect that body, mind and soul are connected attention is given to posture, movement and breath and how our physical experience affects our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.  There is a meditative aspect to the movement classes whilst they do not compromise the strength and flexibility that can be built through them.  Depending on the class the movement might be gentler or more exacting, but there are always modifications and each person is able to find their own level.  There will often be a meaningful theme that is reflected upon in and around the movement.


TUESDAYS 6-7pm -Strength and Stretch Class  

These classes run throughout term time and can be block booked or drop in.  They are very inclusive and can be for beginners but a basic level of fitness is required. 

Beckington Memorial Hall, BA11 BSJ

Contact Olivia to attend:



"Olivia teaches with real sensitivity and professionalism"

"Tuesday evenings are a highlight of my week"

"I felt so peaceful and grounded at the end of the retreat"

"My flexibility has really improved and I love the meditation part"

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