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Meditation with Christian spirituality

Are you wanting the spiritual element as well as stress reduction?

If you have faith or simply want to explore the Christian faith then this meditation course will offer you the space to connect with self and God in a gentle and accessible way. 

The 6 Week Meaningful Course will

  • help de-stress and deepen your spirituality

  • offer experiences of peace, self-acceptance, connection, help, hope and love

  • help you explore Christian spirituality in a way that is non-judgemental and accessible

  • offer an experience of Divine Presence in a way that relates to your everyday life 

  • give you a safe and friendly space to learn and discuss in a group

  • engage you in secular and spiritual meditation techniques

The course covers: 

Week 1 -  Knowing Peace

Week 2 - Transforming Loneliness

Week 3 - Growing in Self-acceptance

Week 4 - Experiencing Love

Week 5 - Help in Challenge

Week 6 - Finding Hope


Each session will employ meditation techniques (secular mindfulness, visualisation, somatic meditations) and spiritual practices (drawn from the Christian Contemplative Tradition) as well as reflection, discussion and journalling.

Just show up as you with openness and expectation.  All are welcome. 

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Some Recent Comments

- "It's fabulous to be guided and to journey with others" - M

- "It's very different to reading about how to do meditation and I have definitely felt an air of peace at work." - K

- "This course gave me a sense of peace and hope which I needed.  It made me realise that I must be loved to still exist and that I am not alone!." - L.

- "I have gained insights, learned to meditate and loved journeying with others" - R

As the meditation course progressed, I went from recognising I should be doing it to really wanting to practice it daily.  Im really enjoying the journey! - E.

- "My awareness of God and the spiritual side of life moved from 5/10 to 10/10 by the end of the course." - K.

- "I started with a deep personal faith going back years but needed an invitation and reminder to sit in the presence of God which this course helped to encourage at a difficult time for me. This weekly slot provided a very peaceful space in my week that helped me manage a busy work-life load. Thanks Olivia, I really appreciated this opportunity and the sensitive way in which you ran the sessions." - N.

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