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Autumn Day Retreat
Friday 29th Sept 2023


Be restored and re-energised so you feel more positive about your life. 

The day will use movement, reflection, meditation and quiet to help you feel stronger and more positive about your life.  By engaging the whole body-mind-soul in different practices in a group setting you'll be giving yourself time to explore what is positive in your life and to experience growth as well as an inner calm.

Anyone is welcome although a basic level of fitness/flexibility is required for the movement class. You can be a complete beginner when it comes to guided meditation and whilst any spiritual inspiration will be drawn from the contemplative Christian tradition the practices are highly inclusive. 

Treat yourself or come with a friend.  

You'll find a welcoming day where you can be restored and revitalised. 

Outline of the day

10.00 Arrive at Beckington Memorial Hall, BA11 6SH

         Movement class

11.30   Coffee, teas and healthy snacks at The Orchard, Beckington

11.45  Reflection and Mindfulness session

1.00   Homemade Lunch 

2.00  Guided meditation and walk/sitting

3.00  Tea and cake

3.15   Discussion, Spiritual Practice

4.00  Depart


Previous Day Retreats


What people said about Meaningful Retreats:

“😊 I loved this retreat. I feel I’ve cleaned out the kitchen cupboards.  I’ve got it all out and put it back…but don’t feel so caught up in the stuff of my life.”  -L.

"Been really good to get away from it all and ‘just be’. It’s been like an MOT.  I need a monthly one." - L.

"I think the main takeaway for me though is the power of the breath. Noticing my breathing, breathing into any pain in my body and also harnessing the breath of life into various areas of my body and life." -C.  

"The day helped me to reconnect with God and myself and my body, and find a sense of peace amidst my struggle with anxiety and depression." - E.

Whilst I am not religious I loved the spiritual aspect of the day and came away feeling really relaxed. - K.

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