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"In Him we live and move and have our being"

Meaningful is inherently a spiritual offering where meaning and God are explored and participated in.

Spirituality means different things to different people and yet it is usually about self-transcendence.  To one person it is an attempt to make meaningful sense of one's life whilst for another it means a monastic focus on God.  

Meaningful spirituality attempts to honour the spiritual search of the individual whilst offering a reference point beyond oneself - namely God.  If you are somewhere on the Christian spectrum (as Olivia is) then Meaningful gives you space to explore your faith more holistically and more fully.  If you're an open seeker then Meaningful can give you the space to explore meaning and God without coercion or judgement.  

Whilst all Meaningful yoga and meditation offers space for spirituality there are some events that are more explicitly Christian in content.  These events use Christian wisdom and contemplative practice as a rich source of spirituality and yet remain accessible to all people.  

Meaningful offerings that give greater emphasis to Christian spirituality include:

  • Forum Yoga on Mondays 1-2pm

  • NSP Crossyoga on Last Sunday of the Month 5-6pm


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