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Live Fully in Body, Mind and Soul
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Is there enough peace in your life?

Do you feel strong when facing challenge?

Are you living life fully alive?

Meaningful meditation and movement brings peace to your soul, a calm mind and a fit body meaning you can cope with life's demands and even experience life more fully and enjoyably.

The Meaningful approach starts with where you are at. It engages your body and mind giving you instant physical and therapeutic benefits whilst giving your soul the space to explore spiritual growth.

Each class or one-to-one is tailored to the particular audience helping each person to grow in body, mind and soul.

If you are stressed, struggling or seeking more then

movement and meditation can help you find

peace, strength and vitality.


Exercise is not only be a way to keep our bodies fit.

We 'are'  our bodies and so when we move them mindfully we can experience other parts of ourself. The wellbeing benefits can then be wider such as a relaxed mind or an open heart.

Movement can positively change not only our fitness and flexibility but our whole being. 


Meditation has become increasingly popular in Western culture in order to bring about greater calm. Olivia uses mindfulness as well as visualisation techniques and spiritual practices in order to help a person not only feel calmer but to also help them to address their wider life issues such as relationships, mental health and faith.   


About Olivia


Since early adulthood, Olivia has been fascinated by life's rich matrix of meaning, exploring her faith in a holistic way which has lead her to teaching meditation and movement. Impacted by her husband's brain tumour and blindness along with being a mum of four, she knows what it is to face challenge. By using meditation and movement for her own wellbeing she has learnt first hand how the body, mind and soul are integrally connected. 

Olivia's qualifications include:

YTT 200

Mindfulness Accredited

Counselling Dip. 

Theology (MA.Oxon)

Christian Spirituality MA.

What Others Say

"My relationships really improved at home as a result of the meditation." C.

"I was uncertain about mindfulness but have enjoyed the mental benefits." M.

"Olivia's voice is incredibly calming." R.

"My weekly movement class is the highlight of my week" P.

"Olivia is inclusive and open but I enjoyed her faith perspective on things." L.

"My headaches and anxiety really improved as well as my spiritual life." C.

Live Fully in Body, Mind and Soul

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